Ready for a true blue water experience?

   Have you wanted to leave land behind and see what the world of offshore fishing is really like? We have a trip for you. We offer many different offshore packages for those who want to go tackle the big boys. All offshore trips incur a fuel surcharge that will be included at the end of the trip. Call today and talk to Mike for futher information (409)692-0484.

Half Day

  6-8 hour trips that will give you a great taste of what deepwater offshore trips are all about. 10 to 30 miles out. Typically we catch various Snappers, Kingfish, Cobia among other things. These trips are great for those who want to try their hand at offshore fishing without being on the water all day.


$1100 + Fuel for up to 4 people

Additional anglers can be added for $75 per person up to 6 PPL

Full Day

  These trips take place typically 20-70 miles offshore.On a full day trip you can hope to catch Kingfish, Sharks, Grouper, Tuna, Wahoo, Amberjack, Cobia, and multiple speceies of Snapper. This year the Red Snapper season is open from June 1st to July 19th. Come catch some of the tastiest fish that call the Gulf home. 


$1400 + Fuel for up to 4 people

Additional anglers can be added for $75 per person up to 6 PPL total


Blue Water Adventure 

    This is a diehard trip that targets some of the oceans top predators. On this trip we target fish such as Marlin, Sailfish, Sword fish, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Abmerjack, Grouper, Tilefish. This trip is usually around 24 hours long. Depending on the types of fish you choose to target we might be leaving early in the morning and returning the next morning or leaving mid day to fish overnight and come back the next day.


$2500+ Fuel for up to 6 people 

Awesome Offshore Fun 

Tips for the crew are not included in the trip pricing and are greatly appreciated